Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing Up

So as I reach to age of adulthood, I find myself more comfortable in expressing myself through art.
Less limited by the views of being a child
Here are a few sketches I did last night, I hope you enjoy...

I love exploring the human body. Being a rock climber in previous life makes me value the shapeliness of curves and muscular definition. I miss swinging around flagpoles and shimmying up concrete. But although I am limited by my arthritis in climbing, I can still draw and picture myself on a wall. Dream of the feelings of finishing a climb again.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

10 things I know

1. The only thing I know is myself
2. Pluto should still be a planet
3. I am constantly confused
4. I have ten fingers on good days
5. I am not a boy (as much as I would like to pee standing up)
6. I smile crooked
7. New things are the best
8. Cuddling should be a activity listed on college applications
9. I have never broken a bone
10. I snore...a lot...and very loudly... sorry future love interests

Its been a while

So here is my final product. I guess I gave up on the whole blog thing. my school had enough introspection, and self analysis.

but i hope you enjoy

Friday, March 27, 2009


I just found this video and I want to try and animimate something similar to this. it would probably be around 30 secs but i love the idea and thats what counts.

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I Live For

my first english paper at oxbow. we had one day to write a page on the prompt "what do you live for?"

I live in a random list.

I live to jump back and for the here and there and to do everything under the sun. I live for my Moms Italian tan and our Sunday cuddles. My dads Jew nose and how he still blames it on the dog ever time he farts. I live for adrenaline. For my favorite bakery with the five dollar chocolate pudding that I eat in a minute. For reading in Dolores park and getting a sunburn every time. For working harder and harder just never giving up. For knowing some day I will get better. For never being normal. For short-term memory, dyslexia, and ADD. For smiling at every bad joke. For introducing every story I tell with omg omg omg! For making hot chocolate in my best friends kitchen. For climbing every tree on my street and jumping over every garbage can that gets in my way. For 15 cents sour strips at the corner store and happy donuts. For listening to music I hated so I would know what kids were talking about in 6th grade. For being a tomboy most of my life and still wishing I was one. For always having to play Aladdin in kindergarten Disney re-enactments. For my climbing gym being next to the taco truck with coke in a glass bottle. For inside jokes and movie marathons. For foreign films and action movies. For letting my friend brush my hair every day at lunch because it made her feel better. For that horrible gym uniform I spilled paint on, twice. For having ceramics first period and clay all over my cloths the rest of the day. For my bedroom and my fuzzy slippers. For still wearing my pokemon pajamas. For that commercial jingle that always gets stuck in my head. For watching the sunset on twin peaks. For never going on a real first date. For his smell and touch. For the guys who still don’t look at my face. For bond fires and muni. For the two starbucks a block from my house, and always walking to peets. For living in every neighborhood of the city. For bad imitationsof the robot and school dances. For raves and black light. For acupuncture and MRIs to be a part of the past. To look forward and know that it can only get better. For story time and tick fights. For hurting my ankle playing dance dance revolution. For making dessert more than dinner. For actually writing what I think and feel and want. And for every time they said I couldn’t.

I live for the here and now. I live to do my part, to make everything I can better. I live to love and make love. I live to give back everything I have taken. I live for the next generation to be better than my own. I live for everything and every one.

I live in a random list.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movies and Bad Popcorn

This summer I worked at a video store. Every single day I had to make three batches of popcorn in an old fashion popcorn machine. I lived off the shit flavored popcorn and diet coke for at least two months. Aside for my idiotic eating habits, I was also on crutches. I am probably the only person to have yellow fluids taken out of them and still gone into work the same day. Fortunately even on my most disabled days the majority of my time was sitting on a spinning chair watching disney movies and shooting objects in my vicinity with a staple gun. The only reason I bring this up now is that as of this friday I am going to be working there again. this time with only a knee brace.