Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movies and Bad Popcorn

This summer I worked at a video store. Every single day I had to make three batches of popcorn in an old fashion popcorn machine. I lived off the shit flavored popcorn and diet coke for at least two months. Aside for my idiotic eating habits, I was also on crutches. I am probably the only person to have yellow fluids taken out of them and still gone into work the same day. Fortunately even on my most disabled days the majority of my time was sitting on a spinning chair watching disney movies and shooting objects in my vicinity with a staple gun. The only reason I bring this up now is that as of this friday I am going to be working there again. this time with only a knee brace.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creative Writing and Boredom

I feel like I have been staring at my Microsoft word document for hours. But unfortunately my clock has informed me is has been a little over half an hour. In the past time I have read over three of my past stories and created a title for a piece I know I will never write. what is the title you may ask. Well, I feel it is best not to explain now but rather hope to write the piece and then post it. I think I am getting better at this whole blog thing. I am rather proud of myself for actually sticking with this. I have been drinking excess amounts of caffeine today. I think I am on my fourth cup of coffee (well caffeinated beverage, I had green tea and chai tea as well). 

So my knee is still messed up and I have made a list of things I am going to do when it gets all better. 
1.  rock-climb a whole route
2. skip to school
3. run into someone's arms
4. walk to my best friends house (8 blocks and a hill)
5. climb up that tree that always looks so shnazzy
6. jump over a trash can
7. bike up twin peaks
8. run a mile
9. do the can can (for a good minute before getting bored)
10. (part 1) learn the soulja boy dance thing
(part 2) soulja boy that whole song
the last one is definitely not happening but there is a good chance for the others